Making $4,975 In 100 Days For 15 Minutes Of Work

This is the short story of one guy who decided to plead his company to allow him to blog on their website.

The result? A shocking $200 a hour!

If that’s surprising to you, then you know there’s absolutely no reason you shouldn’t be taking your blog more seriously. An extra $5,000 makes for several nice vacations with the family and it only took this man 15 minutes a day.

contentwarfareThe Story:

The gentlemen’s name is Ryan Hanley and he runs Content Warfare. In his blog post he details his ultimate SEO experiment with a small business website that was going nowhere fast.

The goal was to take a simple 4 page website and actually make it an asset to the business instead of just another expense. First he needed to get the approval of the higher up’s but once he had it, he used a “Pulp Fiction Style Adrenaline Shot to the Heart” strategy to create very impressive results… $200 an hour results!

Would you like to earn $200 an hour? Keep reading…

His Plan:

As someone who has been in this business for years, I remain amazed when the most simple solutions create amazing results for those who are daring enough to make sure they take action each and every day.

Ryan’s approach is no different.

He decided to answer ‘100 Insurance Questions In 100 Days.’ you can see it right on their YouTube channel:

The process as detailed in Ryan’s blog post was incredibly simple and yet incredibly effective.

youtube2 Minute YouTube Video Unlocks Success

Ryan would answer insurance questions in Youtube videos that took approximately 2 minutes to make. (Simple right? You have 2 minutes don’t you?)

He would then embed it in a blog post on the company’s website blog. Of course, not being done there – he would share that post on the major social outlets. That’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google+

That’s it. That’s all he did, every day for 100 Days!

Where Did He Come Up With The Questions?

This part is dead simple – he just asked people what they wanted to know about. In his blog post he said:

If you read Why No One Buys From You Online then you know that the real secret to getting found Online is content that aligns with how consumers actually search.

So I got all the questions from my current clients.  I tweeted, posted on Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn and I also emailed a lot of clients as well, one simple question:

“If you could only have one insurance question answered what would it be?”

I got about 135 responses… I paired down the list and  took the questions I thought would work the best and used them exactly as they were asked.  I added a couple more that I thought needed to be in the list and Boom… I had my questions.

This straight forward approach can be used in just about any niche us marketers work in.

How? search for a list of forums in your niche and look for common questions that people are asking on them. While it won’t be as easy as just having people tell you what they want to know about, it’s not that hard either.

In fact, if you are really clever about it, you can watch for new questions to pop up, quickly make a video and then respond to the forum question with a link back to your blog post that has the video embedded in it.

See, WH link building made easy :)

So What Were The Results?

This is where is gets fun and where the rubber meets the road as they say…

While the approach itself sounds very simple, does it work? YES!

These images are borrowed from Ryan’s website, but they illustrate just how effective he was with his approach.

It Begins…

As you can clearly see there was a huge spike in traffic right from the first day. Pretty impressive actually!

However, as Ryan pointed out in his post, that picture actually includes the traffic from social sites as well. :(

But wait… he was nice enough to post a picture just the results of searches coming in from searches.

As you can clearly see, there was easily a doubling of website traffic after 100 days, and probably more like tripling if not more!

So What’s The Catch?

Ryan shared a great story with us and I was happy to read that someone else made SEO work for them. If you are still working a 9-5 job and would like to try to convince your boss to let you blog for your company, you can probably have Ryan convince them or make an appearance.

But if you are on your own and working for yourself then think about this post when you are trying to come up with a new approach to SEO and getting traffic to your site.

It’s doesn’t have to be magical or overly complicated. As Ryan showed us, sometimes it’s as easy as just answering some easy questions that people already want to know the answers to.

But Where’s The Money?

Oh right, the money :)

Taken directly from his blog post:

I know what you want.

You want the numbers… You want to know how much money we made.

The answer is $4,975 in new business revenue.  Not Gross Premium… Revenue to our business.

15 minutes a day

7 days a week

100 days


That’s $3.32 cents a minute or…

$200 an hour

Pretty impressive for just making some 2 minute YouTube video’s don’t you think???

Let’s put it this way, I don’t know of anyone that doesn’t have the time to make $200/hour.

My Thoughts:

Everyone can take 15 minutes out of their day to make $200/hour. In the world of SEO and Internet Marketing, I always see people asking for new ways to approach their marketing.

Sometimes the answers don’t need to be as complex as we all make it out to be. In fact, sometimes the answers are right there in front of you.. all you need to do is take consistent action, every day.

A little work can get you a long way in this business.

Well done Ryan, well done.

Now isn’t it time you start to get it done? What are you still doing here? Take action and get it done!

Keep working,