What Is An Autoblog & How Do They Work?

It doesn’t matter if you are new to autoblogging or have been doing it for years, my goal is to have you learn a few things you may not have known and hopefully give you a few new tools to use in the process.

I personally have been running autoblogs for over 4 years. I’ve used both self hosted blogs as well as web 2.0 blogs.

Both types have their benefits and drawbacks as you will learn, so let’s get started!

So What Is Autoblogging When You Get Down To It?

Autoblogging is the practice of using software to create or schedule regular blog posts using either duplicate content, or unique algorithmically generated content.

It can be done using your own ‘Self Hosted’ blogs (typically run on WordPress) or Web 2.0 Blogs (typically done by using something like RankWYZ.)

Why Do People Use Autoblogs?

Well, there are numerous reasons to use autoblogs. Generally speaking it will be done by a Blackhat SEO and they may use it to:

  • Build up a blogs history and authority so that they can later leave links back to their own site.
  • Directly monetize the traffic the autoblog generates.
  • Cloak the autoblog and send the traffic to another website they own or directly to an affiliate/CPA offer.

Typically speaking, if the blog is on a Web 2.0 network, then cloaking is out of the question. Web 2.0 autoblogs will commonly be used purely to build backlinks.

 How Do You Build Autoblogs?

blogsrunthemselvesThere are all sorts of ways to build autoblogs and there is really no ‘One Right Way.’

For example, if you are building the autoblog on a self hosted blog and intend on directly monetizing the traffic it generates or cloaking it, then you will typically want to have it posting anywhere from a couple articles a day, all the way up to 20 or 30 a day.

The reason is that each post will have it’s own ability to rank and pull traffic in from the search engines. If you intended on monetizing that traffic, then your goal will be to get as much traffic to that site as possible.

If however your goal is to use the autoblog to build backlinks then typically you will post much less frequently. In the case of a self hosted blog that may mean 3-10 posts a week and if it’s on a web 2.0 blog that number may drop to 2 or 3 a week.

You have to be careful with web 2.0 autoblogs as posting too frequently can increase the likelihood of having them banned from their respective host.

What Is The Best Software To Use?

There are several great options out there, but I feel the best option is a product called RankWYZ.

While there are a lot of plugins and programs that will pull content from various sources but RankWYZ offers you the greatest number of sources possible.

If you want to curate news stories, you can and as far as I can tell RankWYZ is the only program that let’s you do that. Another unique method RankWYZ uses is to curate articles that are popular in the social media, such as Facebook.

It will actually go through and pull news stories that are currently trending on Facebook and curate snippets from those articles on your autoblogs.

If you want to upload and use thousands of truly unique and algorithmically generated articles, RankWYZ is setup to store and post them on any schedule you set.

In addition to that, it will harvest and embed images or videos for you when and where you want them. If you have a set of authority links or affiliate links that you want to use, it will add those automatically as well.

But it’s best feature is the fact that it supports over 100 different web 2.0 blogging platforms, a quantity that no other tools is even close to touching.

Where Do You Get Content?

dontalwaysrunautoblogsThis will often depend on the software that you are using to run the autoblog.

For instance, plugins will typically only be able to use a very limited number of sources for content – commonly article directories and lightly scraped stories.

Other software options will be able to use custom built and generated articles.

If you are using a piece of software that is able to use these custom built and self uploaded articles then I recommend using Content Foundry to build those articles as it produces the most unique content possible.

It doesn’t just mish-mash duplicate content but rather takes sample content, breaks it down and reassembles it with a variety of custom algorithms to produce the most desirable content possible.

At the time of this article, they have announced a new language assembly algorithm that will produce unique and truly human readable content. It will be the first product on the market to offer such an ability and will take autoblogging to a new level when it is officially implemented.

How Many Autoblogs Should You Run?

It depends completely on your purpose and the size of your operation.

Typically speaking, if you are just getting started with autoblogging you should run just a few at first until you get the hang of it.

Once you are effective at running profitable autoblogs, you should then scale your operation to whatever size you are comfortable handling.

Highly experienced blackhats will typically run networks of several thousand autoblogs at any given time. However, when the operation has grown to that size it becomes necessary to move away from individual autoblogging software or plugins and consider something capable of true blog management – which is another strength of RankWYZ.

 Are Web 2.0 Blogs Or Self Hosted Blogs Better To Use?

This will often depend on your operation’s size and financial assets, as well as the purpose of the blog network.

If you plan on running a cloaked blog network, then you will want to use self hosted blogs. If you can’t afford hundreds of domains and intend on only using them for backlinks, web 2.0 blogs will work.

Ultimately however, self hosted blogs are the best to use in every situation. Web 2.0 blogs are simply more affordable for people who are just starting out and don’t intend on doing any cloaking.

Do You Still Have To Build Backlinks To Them?

Absolutely. They are going to be just like any other blog and will require you to do some basic SEO to get them fully indexed and ranking.

How many backlinks you build to them will depend on your purpose and how you intend on using them.

If you are using unique content and are cloaking for instance, you will want to build fewer backlinks so that you don’t draw too much attention to them. If on the other hand you are using duplicate content then you will need to do more backlinking to get them ranking and pulling in traffic.

What Are The Drawbacks Of Using Autoblogs?

Well, you don’t have much control over them. This is even more true as your operation grows to running hundreds and thousands of blogs. Adjusting individual settings or the fine details about how the blogs look often isn’t possible.

In addition, WEB 2.0 blogs will eventually be taken down by their hosts as time goes on. This is inevitable and another reason to use self-hosted blogs when possible.

Lastly, they do take some time to learn just like any other SEO and Internet Marketing technique. They aren’t for everyone but a lot of folks run them with excellent success.


Autoblogging isn’t for everyone. Those who take the time to learn how to use them and have success with them tend to have A LOT of success that simply wouldn’t be possible any other way.

You can use a variety of tools to run them, with RankWYZ being the best. If you are using RankWYZ or another tool that allows you to use your own articles, you should be using Content Foundry to create those articles.

Web 2.0 blogs are cheaper to use, but they do have their drawbacks. Self hosted blogs are more expensive to use, but deliver better results and will never be taken down unless you want them to be.

You should start slowly, with maybe a dozen autoblogs at first and allow your operation to grow over time and as resources allow.

They are a blackhat SEO technique and should be considered as just that. If you use purely duplicate content, you will have far less success with them than if you used unique content that was generated with Content Foundry.

You still have to treat the sites like you would any other domain and build backlinks to them. There is no free lunch as they say.

Final Word

Hopefully that has given you a solid perspective on what autoblogs are and maybe you even learned a thing or two. I personally use them with great success but I know that not everyone does.

Try them out for yourself and see what you think.

Take Care & Good Luck,