What I’ve Been Up To

I’ve been quiet on most forums for a few months… I’ve been busy playing with SEO and eating donuts. When I’m not doing that..

I’m running from Zombies…

I’ll explain… I promise :)


Truth of the matter is that I’ve been building sites to test various factors just to see if I could build any new patterns from this last penguin update.

Unfortunately there was nothing really ‘ground shaking.’ For the most part, it’s the obvious…

  • The churn and burn BH method still works very well.
  • Equally the WH ‘traffic link’ method works well, sort of. :)

Recent SEO Events

Penguin 2.0 -

Matt Cutt’s has made a lot of noise about Penguin 2.0, and that was humorous at least. The results were … uninspiring I suppose.

Meh, okay… Big deal. If you were hit by it then I feel for you, but it didn’t hit all that hard for a lot of us. I shouldn’t say that… I know a lot of good people lost their incomes because of it…

I actually feel quite bad for those folks. I hope they keep on going at it and make it work!

Of course, when it was release it made it’s way around the forum news sites. SearchEngineLand made this post when it went live:

The fourth release of Google’s spam-fighting “Penguin Update” is now live. But, Penguin 4 has a twist. It contains Penguin 2.0 technology under the hood, which Google says is a new generation of tech that should better stop spam.

My thought:

Oh no.. that sounds so scary… Really?

Wake me up when it’s over….

Of course, Matt got everyone worked up a few weeks before that – so I suppose I can’t blame them too much for going on and on about it.


Co-citation has really become a big thing in the WH SEO world. I can confirm that it is effective as I’ve done a lot of link building using it as a principle. Google definitely seems to respond well to it.

I’ll write an article on it shortly for you and tell you how I used it as a test during this last Penguin.

It’s mostly a WH tool, but boy is it easy for a BH SEO to use :)

Let see, what else…

BH Tools

There have been a few new exciting BH linking tools that came out recently.

They both work with WEB 2.0 blogs in a unique way that I think is really beneficial. Especially since it makes working with the co-citation I talked about above so easy.

Personal Life News


Just for any nerds that love Zombies – I ran in the ‘Race For Your Lives‘ event in Ohio recently. I posted about my experiences on SEOSUnite, but … it was awesome!

I had a lot of fun. It was very “Hilly, Woodsy” – very challenging but a ton of fun! The Zombies had great makeup and no… I wasn’t a survivor. I lost my last flag near the end, but honestly I was so exhausted 2.5 miles in that I almost didn’t care…

I’d definitely recommend it to anyone, but train for it… I thought it was a flat three miles and it isn’t… It’s pretty tough.

Physical Shape

At one point in time I loved powerlifting and cross training. Then I loved donuts and bacon…

So, I think I’m going to drop a few pounds and get back into shape. :)

PS – This has everything to do with my experiences at Run For Your Lives :) :)

Welcome Back :)